Wisdom Beyond Ourselves

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.  Isaiah 55:9

     I’ve hiked this canyon a few dozen times over the years, but on this chilly morning I never saw it look quite like this. Wind swirled around us and tried to strip away what warmth we had. I drew my fingers back into fists inside my gloves to keep them from going numb.

     I’d thought I’d had a good alternative plan before we left the house this morning. I figured that if it was gusty on the ridge, we could always drop into the canyon to get out of it. Although I’ve learned a few things from prior hikes in this area, it is big country. I knew there were several places below us that the sole of my foot had never touched. Taking Star the Wonderdog with me down a mistaken ridge or across an unfamiliar draw could put us a step or two away from a sheer drop-off. We’d also have a chance of getting a bit too close for comfort to a local bear or cougar before we could see it.

     In 2 Chronicles chapter one the Lord asked Solomon what he wanted, and God seemed pleased with his response. Solomon asked God for wisdom to guide His people. Wisdom is something I pray for most mornings and did again this fine day. The Bible says if anyone lacks wisdom, he/she should ask God for it and He will give it without playing favorites. I know I lack it, so I ask. It is good to know the One Who knows the end from the beginning because I sure don’t.

     As a result, on this frosty morning I opted for a cold hike in the wind over the dimmed and calm valley below. My decision appeared not to matter much to Stardog as she romped playfully about, covering at least three miles to every one of mine.

     Although by the time we got back to the truck my toes and fingers felt a bit numb, we had a great day. I watched the tide of clouds below us ebb and flow up one side of the canyon and down the other. The fog/clouds never touched us during our entire hike as we walked in bright sunshine the entire time. I even stumbled across a bonus treasure for the day; an antler recently shed by a nice buck living nearby. No doubt the big fellow was somewhere out of the blustery wind, biding his time until the weather changed a bit.

     If the Lord asked, “What shall I give you?” What would you respond?

     Have a great day.



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