Snow Home

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.   Jeremiah 8:50

It has been cold in the mountains of late. I saw this old homestead a couple of days ago and had to stop and try to capture the setting in a picture. Seeing the broken down timbers and open windows made the wind feel a bit colder as I snapped the shutter. I wondered how many generations were raised here, and when was the last time anyone actually lived in this old place.

I imagined there once was a lot of life scurrying about both inside and outside this home. It’d be interesting to know where all the people are now who had something to do with this house in one way or the other. Little doubt those who built it are long gone. So perhaps too are some of those from the early generations who were raised here. I wondered if they feared God and gave Him thanks for the land and the woods and the bounty of the crops. Or did they believe they made it through all by the sweat of their brow? I hope the former.

The above Scripture is taken from a prophet named Jeremiah some 600 years or so before the birth of Christ. The people whom God had chosen to be His very own had once again turned their backs on God. They believed they didn’t need God; that they could do it on their own, and they followed many false gods, or idols. God had sent His prophets to be His voice to call His people back. He desired His people to follow Him so that He could bless them. The Bible says God hasn’t changed.

The folks that built hundred year-old houses now know the truth. They have stepped across the line that divides this life from the next. I hope they kept their treasures in a safe place. As I was looking at this picture, I noticed something I hadn’t seen when I took the photo. There is actually a pad-lock on the broken-down fence.


I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself. In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2:2-3 NLT

Have a great day.

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