Bobcat Tracks

And many of the people believed in Him, and said, “When the Christ comes, will He do more signs than these which this Man has done?” John 7:31


A track I haven’t seen much, especially in the summer, is one made by a bobcat. In fact I’m only certain that I’ve seen one live bobcat in the wild in my life. I may have caught a glimpse of the small cat at other times, but the images were just blurs in the timber which I can’t be sure of.

Technically, an animal print is where the fore or hind foot of an animal makes a register or impression on the ground, be it in snow or mud or dirt or wherever.

A track is a pattern left by a series of prints.

Most people call everything a track, and for ease of discussion, I’m going to do the same unless otherwise noted.

Whatever you call them, they are definitely a sign, or evidence, that something went on in this area in the not too distant past. Sometimes a track is made only moments before you or I see it. It takes a lot of skill to know not only what made the track, but how long ago it was made. This can change with weather patterns, soil types, melting snow, etc. I never grow tired of honing my skills in this area of exploring.

These past few months I have been hiking where I’ve seen bobcat tracks four or five different times. It’s possible it is the same animal, but I’m thinking there may be more than one cat in this area.

The pattern in the above picture indicates that this bobcat was probably loping or trotting when it made this track. The fore foot of the bobcat is slightly larger than the hind, and it registers behind the hind foot when the cat is moving along at a good speed. If the cat were walking, the hind foot would register on top of the front, and the two tracks would be combined into one.

I’m hoping to get a glimpse of this bobcat before the summer is over. Or perhaps catch it on my trail cam. If I do, I’m sure I’ll be posting a picture on my site.

The above Scripture speaks of people seeing the signs that Jesus did while He walked this earth. Truth be known, He’s still doing much of the same today. I hope you’ll give Him a chance to see what He’ll do for you when you surrender you heart to Him (See God God? ).

Have a great day.

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