The Work of His Hands

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

Psalm 19:1 NIV


     Sometimes when I can drag myself out of a warm sleeping bag to view the coming day, the rewards are many. On this chilly September morning in the Rockies, the clouds swirled overhead for a brilliant display of creativity. I knew my camera wouldn’t be able to fully capture the experience, but I tried anyway. At least for a little while.

     Mostly I just worshipped. I would have found it difficult not to.

     To think that the God of the universe would give me a front row seat to witness this glorious taste of His handiwork is humbling. No one else was camping nearby. I don’t know how many people got to see the sunrise in the mountains this day, but I’m sure there were not many.

     I even heard an elk bugling not too far down river. If you’ve never heard an elk bugle in the wild, I hope someday you’ll get the chance. It might just cure what ails you.

     How did God think of all this?

     Have you ever seen something rather spectacular in the outdoors, looked around, and thought; “Wow, billions of people and I’m the only one that got to see that!”

     According to the Bible, for the believers of His Son Jesus, the best is yet to come.

     Think on that a minute.





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