Strong Tower

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

I never was much into rocks per se. I knew they were good for tossing at things and into lakes and such, and I knew I wouldn’t much care to get beaned on the coconut by one. Other than that, I didn’t give too much thought to rocks while I was growing up.

Rock formations near where I now live are varied and unique, at least to my untrained eye. Some are quite striking, with various patterned layers of color and design. I’ll probably post a few pictures of them in the future.

There is a place I’ve been hiking this spring which has some thought-provoking rock formations. From what I understand, the picture above is of a volcanic formation of basalt. Not a lot of color in these rocks, but they do have a fascinating design. These particular rocky towers rise one-hundred-fifty feet or more as they point to the azure sky.

I’ve seen signs of various bird and animal use in the crevices of these rocks. Sometimes telltale signs of white bird droppings will indicate an active falcon or hawk nest. Whatever critters live there have a rather unique view of the world. Plus they have some built-in safety from various predators who aren’t agile enough to scale the cliffs to reach them. I’ve noticed that these south-facing towers also capture a lot of heat from the early spring sunshine, and this is a factor in determining what plant and animal life use these rocks as well.

Weather conditions in the mountains can change in a hurry, and even more so in the springtime. I’ve taken shelter from snow and rain storms more than once  beside rocky towers like these. And if I find just the right place, the rocks also block most of the wind swirling about in a storm.

No doubt the longer most people live, the more storms in life they encounter. It is good to have The Strong Tower to run to when the bottom falls out of things. See Got God?

Have a great day.


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