Thomas Star Fall leaves 1Howdy. My name is Thomas Trock and I’m a career biologist with the Fish and Wildlife Service. For years I’ve enjoyed hiking where no man has gone before – armed with backpack, fly rod, and one of the goofiest dogs on the planet. When not captivated in the solitude of the mountains, I liked to visit nursing homes with Star the Wonderdog and serenade the residents with my acoustic guitar.

I’ve lived in Africa, and my beloved wife and I have worked with some remarkable folks in several third-world countries. No one has ever accused me of being the sharpest tool in the shed. I consider myself  just a simple man who has found a remarkable Truth.

Some of my favorite movies are The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The Chronicles of Narnia series, and Babe.

Theodor Geisel is a favorite author of mine, as Dr. Seuss is one of the few writers I can understand. Usually. Well – sometimes anyway.

I hope you’ll find something here of value.

Thanks for visiting.